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About Will Joost


Professional Experience:

Research Interests/Overview:

Applying theory on computational techniques towards an improved, fundamental understanding of deformation and mechanical behavior in metals and alloys.


  1. Ankem, S., Wyatt, Z.W., Joost, W. “Advances in low-temperature (<0.25 Tm) creep behavior of single and two-phase titanium alloys”, Proceedia Engineering, in press (2012).
  2. Wyatt, Z.W., Joost, W.J., Zhu, D., Ankem, S. ”Deformation mechanisms and kinetics of time-dependent twinning in an alpha-titanium alloy”, International Journal of Plasticity, 39, 119-131 (2012). DOI: 10.1016/j.ijplas.2012.06.001.
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Significant Presentations:

  1. Joost, W.J., Ankem, S. ”Modeling the Effects of Orientation, Microstructure, and Interaction Stress on Local Schmid Factor in Two-phase Titanium Alloys”, Presentation at the TMS Annual Meeting 2013, San Antonio, TX, 03/05/2013.
  2. Joost, W.J. ”Losing Weight with ICME: Accelerating Cost and Performance Improvements in Automotive Materials”, Presentation at the Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) 2012 conference, Pittsburgh, PA, 10/08/2012.
  3. Ankem, S., Joost, W.J. (speaker), Wyatt, Z. ”The Role of Interfacial Interaction Stresses and Crystallography on Deformation Mechanisms in Two-Phase Titanium Alloys”, Keynote presentation at TMS Annual Meeting 2012, Orlando, FL, 03/14/2012.
  4. Joost, W.J. ”Energy, Materials, and Vehicle Weight Reduction”, Invited keynote presentation at the Addressing Key Technology Gaps in Implementing Advanced High Strength Steels for Automotive Lightweighting, conference, Southfield, MI, 02/09/2012.
  5. Joost, W.J. ”Materials Development for Vehicle Weight Reduction and the Impacts on Energy Efficiency”, Invited keynote presentation at the Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) 2011 conference, Columbus, OH, 10/18/2011.
  6. Joost, W.J. ”Lightweight Materials for Vehicles: Needs, Goals, and Future Technologies”, Invited keynote presentation at the 3rd Annual Advanced Lightweight Materials for Vehicles conference, Detroit, MI, 8/11/2010.
  7. Joost, W.J. ”Lightweight Materials for Vehicles: Needs, Goals, and Future Technologies”, Invited presentation at the 47th Sagamore Army Materials Research Conference on Advanced Lightweight Metals Technology, St. Michaels, MD, 06/17/2010.